Star Gaze By Andre Clarke
Motivational Children’s Story

The Story of the Young Zachary who Wanted to Reach the Stars and Show them to the World by Creating a Technology and Learning about Investing while Chasing his Dreams.

Would you like to:

Get an idea of how to make your dreams come true?

Spark your imagination?

Explore alternative possibilities?

If so, you’re in luck!

We have just the right motivational storybook for you to enjoy.


Meet Zachary. He loves astronomy and would often imagine aliens, stars, and new planets.


His birthday is coming up soon, and he asked his parents for a telescope. In a twist of fate, Zachary had a dream that would change his life.


Brimming with energy, Zachary gets creative and takes matters into his own hands.


Would Zachary be able to achieve his goal, or would he give up?


Find out and join Zachary in his adventure as he begins his journey as a creator and turns his dream of playing amongst the stars into reality.


Enjoy this inspiring tale, aiming to show every child how to achieve their goals while exploring the areas of entrepreneurship, coding, and tech.

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Join Zachary on His Amazing Adventure That Will Inspire Every Child to Work Hard and Dream Big.

Here’s what this book will offer you:

Empowering story:

Hop on a journey that will inspire you to dream big and make your dreams come true.


Instill determination to help you try new things, explore challenges, and solve problems.

Achievement guide:

Inspire your mind to discover the possibilities you can achieve as long you work hard for it.

Career Guide:

Perfect introduction for kids to entrepreneurship, coding, and tech.

Culture of teamwork:

Learn how asking for help and working as a team can help you achieve your goals faster

And so much more.
If you want to spark your imagination, explore ideas, and take on new challenges, this is the perfect adventure book for you. Join Zachary and make your dreams become reality.

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About Author

Andre Clarke

He is the true perpetuation of the American Dream. Migrating to the US from Jamaica at a young age, Clarke adapted well and excelled at both sports and Academia. He used the self-starter attitude instilled in him from his father to start his entrepreneurial pursuits. Andre is passionate about investing in tech companies and trading commodities and foreign exchange. He’s adorned many professional hats, but the one thing that has remained consistent is his passion for tech and teaching children that their dreams are closer to reality than they think; a skill continuously being sharpened by his children. Father, brother, uncle, friend, proprietor; it’s the culmination of these attributes that have brought you Star Gaze.

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